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Over the Ofek

Eden Levin, the owner of Over the Ofek, relocated to Germany herself five years ago.


For months she checked, researched, asked, collected, and finally made the move. Along the way, she encountered many difficulties, many insights and conclusions, and wanted to help others who were interested in going through this process and make it a little easier. For two years, Eden did this on a voluntary basis, spending hours on the phone talking to those wondering if this was what they really wanted to do and how to do it in the best way. Eventually, the obvious conclusion was to do it professionally.

There is no doubt that this is a process often fraught with many fears and concerns, excitement, joy, anticipation, hope, longing, and sadness, all together. It can be very challenging to deal with all these feelings at the same time, especially with the addition of bureaucracy, shipping things, flying, finding accommodation, and more. Over the Ofek helps all those who are looking for assistance in the bureaucratic field, dealing with the language and better integrating within the community, as well as with the emotional aspect and coordinating expectations with the process itself.

What differentiates Over the Ofek from other agencies is the fact that we enable people who have just relocated, or are even a year into the process, to integrate better into the community with the help of community events. There you can meet other people who are or have been in a similar situation and may be able to give their perspective and solidarity.

Bridge in Leipzig


Some of the lovely staff you are going to meet


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