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New year's celebration in Leipzig

Fireworks in Leipzig
Fireworks in Leipzig

As the new year approaches, many people in Germany are looking forward to celebrating with fireworks. Fireworks have a long tradition in Germany, and they are an integral part of the New Year's Eve celebrations in many parts of the country.

Fireworks at night
Fireworks at night

There is one thing to know about fireworks in Leipzig and Germany - they are everywhere. If you want to experience the real thing though, we recommend going to the city center (it doesn't really matter where) and seeing its full glory. You will have to be a bit careful though, everybody is allowed to participate and some could be doing it without paying much attention into who is around.

In addition to public displays, many Germans also enjoy setting off their own fireworks at home. It is common for people to buy fireworks from local vendors and set them off in their own backyards or on the street. Fireworks in Germany come in all shapes and sizes, from small sparklers to large, colorful aerial displays. It won't be uncommon to see families going out with their children to set off some fireworks.

Some people feel that it is a bit too much (I will be among those, to be honest) since it allowed to start with them days before even, and on the day itself it can last until 4-5 in the morning. Later there are a lot of residues left, sometimes for a week after. If you have a dog or a cat, it will be advised to consult with the vet about a calming medicine for them since it can get stressful.

If you are planning to celebrate the new year in Germany, be sure to take in some of the fireworks displays. Whether you attend a public event or set off your own fireworks, they are sure to add some excitement and fun to your celebration. Just be sure to follow all safety guidelines and regulations when using fireworks to ensure that your celebration is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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