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Are You  Relocating From America to Germany?

Welcome to Over the Ofek, we are your trusted partner for international relocation to Germany. Our range of relocation services ensures you feel at home overseas – You show up, we do the rest.

And more.

Over the Ofek
Your Trusted Partner for Americans in Germany

  • Expat-Founded Expertise: Our CEO, Eden Levin, has firsthand experience as an expat, ensuring a nuanced understanding of the specific challenges faced by Internationals in Germany.

  • Local Knowledge: As a Germany-based business, we provide insights rooted in the local context, helping you navigate the unique aspects of living in Germany.

  • Tailored for Americans: Our services are designed to address the concerns and interests of internationals coming to Germany. We welcome all Americans, making your relocation experience with Over the Ofek.

Ready to make your move to Germany? Contact us to learn more about our specialized offerings and how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs.

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Orly Ofek

“Excellent agency. They made my relocation very smooth and easy."

Inna Koblents

"A highly welcoming experience, great people, makes one feel like home."

Oly Subra

"Thanks to a friend I got in touch with them. In addition to their quick response to request a translator. They contacted me quickly. Punctual, efficient and helpful. Totally recommended."


Explore the exclusive All-Inclusive VIP Package tailored for Americans relocating to Germany with Over the Ofek. Designed to make your relocation easy and stress-free, our VIP Package offers individual support from visa assistance and apartment search to onsite translation.

Ready to learn more? Book a free online meeting with our relocation experts today. Discover the details, benefits, and how we can make your relocation a success. Your journey begins with a conversation – we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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