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From Newcomer to Local: Leipzig's Friendship Guide

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

A Guide to Making Friends as an Expat in Germany and Leipzig

Among the aspects of relocating to a foreign country are the friendships and the social life in your new home. Why are these friendships so crucial? Well, they go beyond the simple act of socializing. Friends play an important role in helping you adapt, understand, and appreciate your new environment. They become your support system, they can offer guidance during challenging times and enrich your life with shared moments. These connections enhance your integration into the local community, provide support in times of doubt, offer practical assistance, alleviate homesickness, and contribute to your overall well-being.

Leipzig, a city flowing with culture and diversity, welcomes expats from all corners of the globe. While relocating to this diverse German city can be an adventure in itself, the journey to building lasting friendships is equally exciting. In this guide, we'll explore numerous ways to connect with fellow expats and locals while discovering the heart and soul of Leipzig.

Join Sports and Outdoor Activities:
  • Table Tennis in Clara Zetkin Park: Grab a paddle and challenge someone to a friendly match at one of the park's many table tennis tables.

  • Volleyball at Lene Voigt Park: Join the volleyball games at this popular park to stay active and mingle with locals. Volleyball Meetup Gruop Leipzig

  • Leipzig Basketball: For basketball enthusiasts, there are numerous basketball courts throughout the city, including Lene Voigt Park, Clara Zetkin Park, Connewitzer Kreuz, and many more.

  • Leipzig offers many sports clubs. Why not join the Leipziger Ruder-Club for rowing adventures on Leipzig's waterways, for example?

Leipzig Eislaufen

Attend Language Exchange Events:

  • Leipzig offers language exchange events, like the one found Facebook group here

  • Leipzig Sprachcaffe

  • speak more confidently in front of others meetup

  • Practice German in Leipzig meetup

Connect on Social Media:

Discover Leipzig's Art and Culture:

Attend Workshops and Events:

Femal Entrepreneurs Leipzig

  • Don't miss the "Fuckup Nights" where failed startups share their journey

  • Überstunde - meet people after work from the business area of Leipzig

  • Check within Meetupeetup and Facebook for more events in Leipzig

Network at Coworking Spaces:

  • Leipzig's coworking spaces like Basislager Coworking host events and workshops, making it easy to meet professionals in various fields.

  • Dive into Leipzig's startup scene with events hosted by SpinLab, where you can connect with innovators from around the world.

Volunteer for Local Caus

  • Get involved with Leipzig's community by volunteering at local charities. You can even plant trees together with locals through Leipzig Pflanzt.

Invite somebody for a drink - be proactive!

  • Write a message in one of the social media groups like "Expats in Leipzig" or on telegram and invite someone for a beer of coffee.

Join Over the Ofek´s Events :

  • Join Over The Ofek's vibrant community at our exciting events, including the Christmas Market Stroll, Expats Picnic in the Park, and engaging webinars. Explore our current event lineup here.

Whether you're a shy or outgoing person, making friends in a new place is something everyone goes through. It's like a universal experience. Just do things you enjoy, and aim to make new friends – it's important. Think of it as a crucial part of your move. Don't rush it; give it time. If you're a bit reserved, try something new, but not too different from what you're used to. For example, do a sport you like with someone new. Be patient, keep trying, and soon, you'll find Leipzig is full of friendly people waiting to meet you.

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