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Mythbusters Germany - Busting 5 Myths About Germany for American Expats Planning to Relocate

Updated: Jan 8

Are you an American planning to relocate overseas and considering moving to Germany? Germany might be the perfect place for you! With its comfortable life, social security, and growing economy, Germany offers incredible opportunities for expats. However, before you make the leap with the assistance of a relocation agency like Over the Ofek in Leipzig, let's bust some myths you might have heard about Germany. Let's get started!

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Myth 1: Germany is One Homogeneous Country

While Germany is a unified country, it is divided into 16 states, each with its own set of rules, particularly in areas like education and public holidays. For instance, Bavaria has different school holidays than Hamburg. Understanding these regional variations is essential when relocating to Germany with the assistance of a reliable relocation agency.

Myth 2: Germans Are Cold and Distanced

It's a common stereotype that Germans can come across as reserved or unfriendly, especially when compared to the typical American friendliness. However, once you get to know them, you'll find that Germans are typically sincere and helpful. Integration is the key to forming lasting relationships, so don't be discouraged if the initial encounters seem a bit reserved. Here are some tips for newcomers becoming a local in Germany.

Myth 3: Everyone in Germany Speaks Perfect English

While English is taught in schools across Germany, older generations, especially in the former East Germany (DDR), may not be fluent in English but might know other languages like Russian. Additionally, German television dubs foreign shows and movies, leading to less exposure to English in daily life. However, in many companies and universities, you can find environments where English is the common language of communication, making it easier for Americans in Germany to adapt. Here are some tips about how to learn German efficiently.

Myth 4: Germans Are Incredibly Punctual

Germans take punctuality seriously, and being late can be considered disrespectful. However, if you rely on public transportation, such as the Deutsche Bahn, be prepared for occasional delays and cancellations. It's always wise to plan some extra time into your schedule to account for any potential hiccups in your travel plans.

Myth 5: Germany is a Technology Pioneer

While Germany boasts excellent research institutions like Fraunhofer, the country has been somewhat conservative in adopting digital technologies. Even recently, many bureaucratic processes involve analog mail and fax machines. However, Germany is making strides toward digitalization, particularly in areas like healthcare and government services.

So, be prepared for some paperwork and analog processes, but change is happening!


In conclusion, Germany is a diverse and dynamic country with its unique quirks and regional differences. While some stereotypes may hold a grain of truth, it's essential to approach your German adventure with an open mind. Leipzig, where our relocation agency, Over the Ofek, is based, is a city that beautifully balances tradition and innovation. It's a place where you can experience the rich spectrum of German culture while embracing the opportunities of the modern world. So, take these myths with a grain of salt and start your German journey with excitement and curiosity. Do you need help? We're here to make your relocation smooth and enjoyable. Get to know all of our services here. Welcome to Germany, and welcome to Leipzig!

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