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want to move to leipzig? we are helping you
There are many reasons why one may want to move to Germany, but there is no disagreement about the fact that it can be a long and scary process. I am here to make all the work easier for you, without headaches and with all the necessary help! Whether it's about studies, work, love, or just wanting  to experience the stunning German city of Leipzig, Over the Ofek is here to help you do it with peace of mind

We do the rest

You show up,

Relocation agency for Leipzig

Who am I?

My name is Eden Ofek Levin, originally from Jerusalem. I moved to Leipzig about five years ago and fell in love with the city immediately. I got busy learning about German bureaucracy for myself and then started helping others with it. I feel that this is the place I want to be and that this is the task most meaningful to me.

My goal is to make the immigration process as easy as possible so you can focus on the emotional aspects that accompany this difficult process. I also want to create a community here that can provide support and useful information while adding a little fun to the whole thing.

Would you like to book a consultation meeting?
Eden Levin- Owner of Over the Ofek

What do I offer?

To make the relocation easier for you, I offer a number of services, which can also be selected in packages:

Online course before relocation

A course in English with everything you need to know before the relocation

Phone / face-to-face consultation

A face-to-face conversation with me, online or in person, where you can ask me anything

Document translation

Translation of the required documents, by a professionally qualified translator

Scheduling appointments 

Before you arrive, I will set up meetings for you at all the important offices

German course up to B1

-Online course with an English speaking teacher, in small groups, for A1-B1 levels

Welcome to Leipzig kit

A personalized set of gifts and information from me 

Community events

Meet new people and friends for life


A German speaker will accompany you to local government offices

Tour in Leipzig

After landing, I will show you the most important places in the city

Online German course

Check out the next course available with our English-speaking German teacher

Speed dating event

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Upcoming Events

  • English speaking meetup
    Thu, Mar 30
    Leos Brasserie
    Mar 30, 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Leos Brasserie, Reichsstraße 20, 04109 Leipzig, Germany
    Come and meet some new friends! It doesn't matter if you are new in the city or already 20 years here, it is always great to get to know new people and see familiar faces again!
"I highly recommend Eden, who helped me with a lot of patience and kindness and explained to me the bureaucracy and the laws necessary to issue a visa in Germany. We also met in real life and she is a nice and impressive woman, with serious plans to do good things and a lot of motivation."

Sara Friedman


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